Federica and Lorenzo really thrilled us when they got in touch and told us that they'd like to do something in 2020, despite having to postpone their wedding and party due to the current events.

Knowing that they love hiking in the mountains together just as much as they love each other, we knew what to come up with: why not organising for them an elopement in the Alps?!

This way, they could have something like a tiny, intimate wedding where they could be there, living the moment, each together with the one they love, and in a place they both share a deep, natural love for. (They love hiking, and it's actually on of their favourite activities to do together!)
Together with them, we set out searching for the right location for the elopement: actually it was not such a difficult task, because the Alps here in Piedmont are just so, so amazing! Seriously, the Lord of the Rings could have been filmed here if for any reason they couldn't makeit work in New Zealand: check out the photos if you think we're exaggerating it!
Anyways, we ended up discovering a new place - this time, it was the stunning Rochemolles valley - just under two hours driving and a short hike away from Turin.

To this point, everything was perfect:
- Federica had gotten her hands onto a dress that she could confortably wear in the mountains - and she was not afraid of getting it a bit torn and muddy for the sake of the elopement;
- we helped her finding a simple yet beautiful bouquet, made by the very talented Mutabilis Lab in Turin,
- we knew that Federica and Lorenzo were just the best, and they would have loved just enjoying the moment with each other without overstressing it!

We did have one tiny problem in the end: as is often the case, it was with the weather.

When we met with the guys up at the mountain lodge Scarfiotti, up in the Rochemolles valley, it was overcast and we were very happy, because big, dramatic clouds and huge shades with a spot of sunlight here and there are just the best for photographs in the mountains.

The thing is, when we set out for a walk to the spot where Federica and Lorenzo would read their promises, the wind, rain, clouds - and yes, a bit of hail too - finally caught up with us! But we are lucky photographers, and our couple, living up to their reputation of true mountaineers, didn't mind it at all, and just went on with their plans!

In the end, wind and rain in the mountains never fail to deliver a great mood and amazing light for photographs - we know, if you're not a photographer this mgiht sound odd to you...but it's true, trust us on our word, or better yet, check out the photos below!

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