At the beginning of summer, Liz and Kieran reached out to us with a heartwarming request—to capture their small and intimate wedding day with their closest friends and family. Instantly, we felt an immediate connection with this couple, and our excitement soared when we learned that they had chosen the enchanting Castello di Tassara, near Piacenza, as their wedding location. This ancient castle, nestled in breathtaking countryside, exudes charm and coziness, lovingly maintained by its delightful owners.

Set against a backdrop of timeless allure, Liz and Kieran's wedding day unfolded in the most magical setting. With the sun-kissed lawns in front of the castle serving as their ceremonial canvas, they exchanged vows that painted their love story with the brushstrokes of pure devotion. Following this heartfelt moment, they received a simple blessing in the nearby quaint church of Tassara, further enriching the sacred ambiance of their celebration.


Nestled amid the lush hills of Piacenza, Castello di Tassara stands as a captivating testament to centuries-old history and romance. This enchanting castle dates back to the 12th century, exuding an aura of regality and timelessness that adds a touch of magic to any wedding celebration. Surrounded by picturesque vineyards and olive groves, the castle's majestic walls transport couples to a world where fairytales come to life.

With hearts full of joy, Liz and Kieran continued their big day by raising glasses of chilled wine, toasting to the beginning of their lifelong journey together. Surrounded by their dearest friends and families, laughter and love filled the air, creating a tapestry of beautiful memories that will forever be woven into their love story.


Under the castle's ancient porch, Liz and Kieran's love story merged with the rich flavors of Italian cuisine, as they savored a sumptuous early dinner. The setting, adorned with twinkling lights, emanated a captivating ambiance, enhanced by the delightful melodies of shared laughter and heartfelt conversations. With each dish, the couple indulged in the delectable tastes of Italy, savoring not only the food but also the cherished moments shared with their loved ones.

As their chosen photographers, we embraced the couple's vision, discreetly weaving through the tapestry of their day, capturing moments that told their unique love story. The tender glances, the heartfelt embraces, and the spontaneous laughter—all artfully documented to create a visual narrative of their wedding day at Castello di Tassara.

Liz and Kieran's wedding at Castello di Tassara was nothing short of a fairytale affair. This charming castle, embraced by the countryside's beauty, provided the perfect backdrop for their intimate celebration. From the sunlit ceremony to the cozy dinner under the castle's porch, every moment was an enchanting testament to their love and the memories they created on this special day.

As we bid adieu to Liz and Kieran, we carry with us the magic of their love story and the beauty of Castello di Tassara. This wedding will forever hold a special place in our hearts as we witnessed love unfold amidst the charm of a timeless castle and the warmth of beloved friends and family. To Liz and Kieran, may your love continue to flourish, and may your journey together be as enchanting as your fairytale wedding at Castello di Tassara.

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