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Choosing the best wedding photographers in Italy: a few tips

When you're planning a wedding abroad, investing into the best wedding photographers in Italy is a choice that you definitely won't regret: a good wedding photographer is worth the money for a number...

11/01/2023 / BLOG

Getting married in Italy: our practical guide

So, if you're here we can assume that you're thinking of getting married in Italy? Of course we're a bit partial to this, but...great idea! We're sure it'll be a romantic, incredible experience, but ...

08/01/2023 / BLOG
Newlyweds in Mombaruzzo, Piedmont

Could Piedmont be the perfect location for your Italian wedding?

Sure, it could very well be! Here's a few of the things that this surprisingly beautiful corner of Northwest Italy has in store for your wedding in Italy: In Piedmont, you'll find wonderful a...

30/03/2022 / BLOG

Tips for organising an Airbnb wedding in Italy

If you are considering venturing to Italy for your big day, why not to take advantage of the convenience of an Airbnb wedding venue. As you might have guessed if you’ve read some of our previous ...

15/06/2021 / BLOG

Top 10 Airbnb micro-wedding venues in Italy

Disclaimer: all of the pictures in this post are NOT ours, they're taken from the respective Airbnb listings. If you’re dreaming of a tiny, intimate wedding attended exclusively by the few people ...

04/02/2021 / BLOG

The easiest way to make your dream of an Italian wedding come true

We get you, organising a wedding in Italy might look like way too much logistics and trouble, but it really doesn’t have to be! In our opinion, the key to a stress free, totally unique and unexpe...

07/12/2020 / BLOG
Landscape from Cascina Faletta terrace, Italy

Unforgettable weddings in Piedmont: the best venues in Monferrato

Are you dreaming of a wedding in Italy? There's a magic hidden corner of it waiting just for you to discover it! Do you picture your big day taking place on the backdrop of a lovely view o...

28/07/2020 / BLOG