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Armenian wedding in Venice at Hotel Monaco Grand Canal

Photographing a wedding in Venice is really a unique experience, something that we've always dreamed about since the start of our career! So, it goes without saying that we were so happy when Mila an...

09/06/2021 / Weddings

Wedding at Cascina Faletta

With a friendly, young and beautiful couple as Leonie and Fabian, our work was really easy and fun! They came from Switzerland with their closest friends and relatives to celebrate their love, sur...

29/07/2020 / Weddings
Confetti moment after a ceremony at Tenuta di Casa Bruciata, Italy

Intimate wedding at Casa Bruciata in Umbria

One of the most common fears for a couple who's planning a wedding is rain. A lot of brides - and grooms! - ask us what they should do in case of bad weather, and our answer is, as always: embrace it...

13/04/2020 / Weddings
Smoke bomb blue and pink at wedding in Italy

Wedding at Locanda della Maison Verte in Turin


13/04/2020 / Weddings

Wedding in an ancient Italian villa in Mombaruzzo

This is the awesome story of a man that finally came out of the friendzone - and of course they ended up living happily ever after! Courtney and Stephen first met at law school and they started hangi...

13/04/2020 / Weddings

French Wedding in a private villa in Italy

If you're thinking about organizing your wedding into a private house in Italy...well, this is a very good example! Anne and Tristan decided to celebrate their wedding in the countryside house...

23/01/2020 / Weddings

Intimate wedding at Castello di Tassara in Italy

Liz contacted us at the beginning of the summer: she and Kieran were looking for a photographer who could discreetly document their small and intimate wedding day with their friends and families. We ...

15/01/2020 / Weddings
Happy couple laughing together at sunset at thei italian wedding at La Villa Hotel Mombaruzzo.

Wedding in Monferrato, Piedmont | Andy + Valentina

It was really a pleasure for us to be part of this special day at La Villa Hotel! As soon as we met Andy and Valentina we realized that they were all about enjoying the day at their own pace, with...

14/01/2020 / Weddings

Wedding at La Villa Hotel Mombaruzzo in Piedmont

We know that for many of our clients their wedding in Italy is a dream come true, and we really love the passion and care that they put into organizing it so that it may become an unforgettable exper...

10/01/2020 / Weddings