the ludovica & valerio EXPERIENCE


An honest approach for your candid moments of dolce vita.

So you can feel everything, again.



celebrate your day with your favorite people.

So, don't worry about being bad at posing in front of a camera, no worries about awkward fake smiles: it's far simpler than that! What we'll do is we'll capture all of the joyful spontaneus moments of your day. We'd love to get to know you and the people around you, since we believe that you deserve your wedding day photos to be absolutely unique and in tune with your personality.

No fixed rules, no "to-do list"! Just live your wedding day as it comes, while we take care of creating your lifetime memories: we have years of experience, we got your back.

We are deeply convinced that photographs should not be your first thought on your wedding day. Your job is just to be present and enjoy the moment, celebrate with your loved ones, party, eat and drink. And that's where our approach is different: on your wedding we want you to feel like we're two old friends of yours, there to support you and to make sure you'll enjoy a beautiful day. And in the meantime, we'll capture all the tears, laughs, details while you'll barely notice us. Our style is focused on capturing your real emotions and moments. We won't interrupt the natural flow of the events just to have you posing for a staged photo.


Our philosophy, in pills:


Your experience is our priority.

Love is love, and we support it in all of its forms!


Quality over quantity: we book only a few weddings per year, because you deserve us at our very best.

Our focus is on your real emotions and uniqueness.


We're convinced that your best memories will be those of happy moments that are actually happening without our intervention.


All you have to do it to be yourselves.

THE investment

What you’ll be spending on your day will help you make it so special and wonderful and unforgettable for yourselves and your guests. But, sad as it may be, the best things don’t last for long, and it’ll all be gone in a day: the flowers, the food, the music, the dresses stored in drawers.

By now you must know where we’re shamelessly - but honestly -heading: What will remain forever will be memories. Memories, and photographs. Our goal is to enable you, your loved ones, and maybe many generations to come to relive some of the best memories of your life by looking at your amazing, artistic, authentic wedding photos.




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venice egagement photographer Ludovica & Valerio

Dreaming of beautiful pictures of the two of you, in one of the many beautiful locations around Italy?

Looking for some artistic photos for your invitations? A couple photo shoot with us could be just the right thing for you!

Bookable from a minimum of 6 hours.

You'll get a beautiful slideshow with the most emotional highlights of your day, and all of your photos in a private online gallery, fully downloadable and shareable with your loved ones.

- And it's always the two of us as your photographers, nobody else! -

We're the biggest advocates of elopements: it's just the best way for you to enjoy the beauty of a wedding in Italy without any stress, and to have the most beautiful memories of you two in a truly breathtaking scenery. We're here to help you make it happen.

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how can we reserve a date with you?

how do you deliver your work?

A few weeks after your wedding (12 at the very most) we'll deliver our work! You'll first receive an emotional slideshow featuring some of our best shots from your wedding day, followed by an entirely downloadable and shareable private online gallery. You'll receive 700+ amazing photographs, all personally edited and curated by us.

It's quite simple! Start by getting in touch so that we can confirm our availability for your date and give you all the information you need. You can then complete your booking by paying a retainer fee and signing an agreement with us.

are vat and expenses included?

what happens after we book you?



In the months ahead of your wedding day, we'll always be there for you whenever that's needed. As the day gets closer, we'll ask you to share with us your plans . A few weeks before the big day we'll get back in touch for a final check-up, to make sure that we (and you!) are ready and properly hyped for the upcoming awesomeness!

Yes, absolutely. We want to make things as simple as they can be for you, so all figures you will read and hear of from us will always be the final prices for our services, no BS and no surprises!

would you like to

have us as your wedding photographers?

Fill out our contact form, we'll reply with more information about our services and a detailed price list. We can also recommend other vendors to help you out with that if needed: you're one step away from making your Italian dream come true.