Intimate wedding at Castello di Tassara in Italy

15/01/2020 / Weddings

Liz contacted us at the beginning of the summer: she and Kieran were looking for a photographer who could discreetly document their small and intimate wedding day with their friends and families. We immediately felt connected with this couple, and we couldn’t be happier when we discovered that they had chosen the Castello di Tassara, near Piacenza, as their wedding location: this ancient castle is located in a stunning countryside, and it’s kept cozy and flawless by the lovely owners.

They had a beautiful ceremony in the lawn in front of the castle, and they received a simple blessing in the close by little church of Tassara. They continued their big day by sharing a glass of cold wine with their closest friend and families, and ended it with an Italian dinner under the castle’s old porch, enjoying good food and a little bit of summer breeze.

Wedding in Monferrato, Piedmont | Andy + Valentina

14/01/2020 / Weddings

It was really a pleasure for us to be part of this special day at La Villa Hotel!

As soon as we met Andy and Valentina we realized that they were all about enjoying the day at their own pace, with some relax on their own and many wonderful moments with their friends and loved ones.

Coming over from Switzerland for their wedding in Piedmont, their excellent choice of location was the beautiful La Villa Hotel in Mombaruzzo. When ready, they had their first look in the courtyard of the venue, and it was such a touching moment for them both – and for us too! We then took some photos in the village of Mombaruzzo, right before their happy intimate ceremony at La Villa, in the terrace overlooking the vineyards.

Why did we love this wedding so much? Because Andy and Valentina were really relaxed and easygoing, and their only concern was to fully  enjoy the party and the company of their guests.

We think that their photos show perfectly how happy and in love they are, and we can only thank them for letting us be part of such a day.

We wish them all the best!

Engagement session in Bruges

14/01/2020 / Couple

What’s best than exploring an entirely new place, together with a lovely, funny couple of newfound friends, hunting for as many cool photo opportunities as possible while strolling around?

This was our afternoon of photos, adventure and laughter with Cedric and Phaedra, we loved it, here’s the end result!

Wedding at La Villa Hotel Mombaruzzo in Piedmont

10/01/2020 / Weddings

We know that for many of our clients their wedding in Italy is a dream come true, and we really love the passion and care that they put into organizing it so that it may become an unforgettable experience for all of their guests, and of course for themselves! This pushes us to try as hard as we can to exceed their expectations, knowing how important our task is.

Italy offers a lot of possibilities for a beautiful wedding day immersed in culture and nature, and one of our favorite sceneries is the countryside: La Villa Hotel is a seriously beautiful country house situated right next to Mombaruzzo, an ancient village surrounded by vineyards and rolling hills. It’s here that the famous “amaretto” – a traditional almond biscuit – was born, and it’s here that you can find the original Barbera d’Asti, one of the finest red wines of Piedmont.

This was Isabelle and Andrew’s choice for their Italian wedding, and – truth be told – we couldn’t be happier, since La Villa is one of our favorite locations in Piedmont! The day was a great experience for us: friends, families and the bride and groom themselves were so nice, funny and laid back that it was a joy to spend the day with them and to capture it in photographs! Here’s a selection of some of our favorite images of the day, hoping you’ll enjoy it.