This time we’ll let do the talking none other than the bride in person! Bianca wrote us a brief text about her relation with Danilo and our idea for this super fun elopement in London. So, here’s her words about this unique experience:

“There I am with our story!

Indeed, it was not a real wedding, but the love was there!
So well, we met last year in September;  my boyfriend is Italian but was living  in London and I am based in Italy, to that time he was in Italy on holidays visiting his family. 

We suddenly came across each other on Instagram, he is tattoo artist and I was caught by his work, so we start following each other, few weeks later afer one first “reaction” (by me) on his Instagram story, we started talking, what we kept doing the whole day. 

He proposed to met the day after; he would come to my city, which was a couple of hours away from the Riviera where he was, I couldn’t anything but accepting! So the day after my door bell rang and there he was! We went for a drink on top of a hill, looking at the city, talking and laughing all the time. It ended with a pizza and a kiss. 

He drove back to his family and we kept chatting the days after! To beeing honest, the distance wasn’t really a match point for us, we both were very busy with our jobs, cause I am a travelling Burlesque Performer and he’s a full time Tattoo Artist in London so, basically, none of us wanted a realationship, or worst, a long distance relationship!

But after this first encounter, a kiss and a pizza, we kinda were already too much into eachother. The week after our first date he visited again before flying back to London, I thought it would end with that second date, but no chance!

We felt disgustingly in love. 

The month’s after we managed to see each other a few times, always less then 48h. But kept talking and videochatting every day. In December we spent more time together in Italy and in London.

I knew Ludovica and Valerio since we had already a few shootings together years ago, she was looking for a real couple to shoot with, since I think my boyfriend is one of the most beautiful men in the world, I asked him if he would like to do a shoot. He wasn’t really into it in the beginning, but loved the idea in the end to have something special just of and for us. It than escalated quickly!

He asked if we could do it in London, cause he would like to have a fusion of us in that city that he felt in love with, in order to have something from both, me and the city, I couldn’t be more happy for his idea, Ludovica accepted inmediatly!

What we feel today, is like we had a real wedding, celebrating with ourself our love. We said our funny vows and went to one of the best music shops, cause music plays a big part in boths lifes, and had a beautiful day walking around London. In the end we didn’t even notice Ludovica and Valerio, we were totally focus on eachother. 

Maybe one day we’ll have a real wedding, with our friends and a huge party,but its also beautiful to have had a day just for us, which is the most important right? The love for each other! “