Sure, it could very well be!

Here’s a few of the things that this surprisingly beautiful corner of Northwest Italy has in store for your wedding in Italy:

  • In Piedmont, you’ll find wonderful and very varied landscapes: vineyards and beautiful, idyllic countryside, wild and imposing mountains, sunny lake shores, cities and towns rich in art, culture and history.
  • You’ll eat have many many chances to eat delicious regional food, and you’ll drink excellent, world class wine!
  • You’ll find yourself in a unique, out of the beaten path hidden gem of Italy: it’s true, Piedmont is still way less known abroad than much more touristy destinations such as Tuscany, Venice, Rome, Ravello, Positano and the likes. By the way, this also makes organizing a wedding here a bit cheaper than in many other parts of the country!
  • You’ll have at your disposal a great variety of gorgeous wedding location, ranging from grand 18th century palaces to cozy, elegant villas.
  • Piedmont is well connected with the rest of Italy and Europe, so it’ll be very convenient to reach beautiful honeymoon destinations: Rome, Naples, Florence, Venice, the beautiful Italian Riviera, French Provence, even Paris! These are all at a few hours of fast train from Piedmont’s capital Turin, so your will to explore is the only limit!