One of the most common fears for a couple who’s planning a wedding is rain. A lot of brides – and grooms! – ask us what they should do in case of bad weather, and our answer is, as always: embrace it, and enjoy it! Rain gives us the chance to take some beautiful shots, and sometimes, after a storm, the sky turns into a deep blue, and the colors of the sunset are incredibly vibrant!

Claire and Daniel’s wedding day started with a heavy rain – no joking, it was a real storm! – but no one has lost their joy during the getting ready. The spouses came straight from England to the wonderful Tenuta di Casa Bruciata, in Umbria, to have a day sourrounded by the people they care most about, and they were determined to enjoy every single second of it, no matter the weather!

As soon as Daniel was ready, the sun came out, the sky went blue, and it was also pleasantly cool. Claire joined him at the beautifully decorated flower arch – made by an incredibly talented designer, Roberta Turco – and after a touching ceremony they enjoyed their party in the courtyard eating delicious Italian food!

Then, we “kidnapped” them for a couple photo session just downhill from the location, and we are really glad of the results! Claire and Daniel had such a deep connection, and their photos turned out just lovely!

Their day ended with a great dinner, a lot of laughs and hugs, and a romantic dance under the moon. What more could we ask for?

We will always thank them for letting us take part into such a beautiful day; Tenuta di Casa Bruciata is a magic place, where all weddings are like this one, intimate and full of love and happiness.