Montepulciano is one of our favorite places on the Tuscany.

The vineyards are stunning, the food is amazing, the villages are something incredible. Villa Cicolina, country residence of a noble family of Montepuciano, is an hidden gem. We were lucky on the day of this wedding as the sky took all the possible nuances: it rained - A LOT!- in the morning, so the getting ready had a dark grey sky, then came the sun and a blue sky, and finally we had a spectacular golden sunset in the evening. Just perfect!

Some tips on getting married at this location: this place is perfect if you love to be surrounded by silence, and nothing else. Emelie chose the tree house to get ready, and we totally support her choice: it was amazing!

Villa Cicolina, a picturesque country residence, is truly an oasis of tranquility. This exquisite location was Emelie and Johan's choice to celebrate their love, surrounded by the peaceful serenity of nature. The tree house served as the perfect setting for Emelie's bridal preparations, and we couldn't agree more with her decision - the treehouse offered a magical atmosphere, with the soft rustle of leaves and the songs of birds in the background.

Montepulciano area is really nice expecially during spring and autumn, when the heat is weaker, and Tuscany surrounding is less crowded than the summer.

Montepulciano's allure transcends the seasons, but spring and autumn hold a special charm. The mild temperatures and fewer crowds make these seasons ideal for exploring the town's winding alleys and discovering its captivating history. Emelie and Johan's decision to exchange vows in Montepulciano during autumn allowed them to immerse themselves fully in the region's rich culture and traditions.

Considering get married in Tuscany? You can give a look to this lovely wedding in Villa Cicolina, it's an idea of a relaxed day in Italy. Emelie and Johan chose to have their Montepulciano small wedding with less than 30 guests, so they enjoyed the presence of every person and had a delicious dinner in the courtyard of the villa.

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The getting ready and the first look

Emelie and Johan's wedding was a testament to the beauty of intimate celebrations. With less than 30 guests, they were able to savor each moment, basking in the love and joy of their dearest friends and family. Their reception unfolded in the enchanting courtyard of Villa Cicolina, where laughter and heartfelt toasts filled the air under the Tuscan sky.

The ceremony in the olive garden

If you're considering a destination wedding in Tuscany, Villa Cicolina offers a perfect retreat for those seeking peace, privacy, and the splendor of the Italian countryside. Emelie and Johan's Montepulciano wedding showcased the beauty of a relaxed and intimate celebration, where love and togetherness took center stage.

The couple session

The dinner

Let's party!

If you've been dreaming of an idyllic wedding in Tuscany, we'd love to capture your love story amidst the enchanting beauty of Montepulciano. Whether you choose a vibrant spring celebration or a romantic autumn affair, we'll be there to document your journey with the same passion and dedication that we bring to every wedding. Don't hesitate to reach out to us, and let's start planning your dream wedding in Tuscany!

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