It was really a pleasure for us to be part of this special day at La Villa Hotel!

As soon as we met Andy and Valentina we realized that they were all about enjoying the day at their own pace, with some relax on their own and many wonderful moments with their friends and loved ones.

Coming over from Switzerland for their wedding in Piedmont, their excellent choice of location was the beautiful La Villa Hotel in Mombaruzzo. When ready, they had their first look in the courtyard of the venue, and it was such a touching moment for them both – and for us too! We then took some photos in the village of Mombaruzzo, right before their happy intimate ceremony at La Villa, in the terrace overlooking the vineyards.

Why did we love this wedding so much? Because Andy and Valentina were really relaxed and easygoing, and their only concern was to fully  enjoy the party and the company of their guests.

We think that their photos show perfectly how happy and in love they are, and we can only thank them for letting us be part of such a day.

We wish them all the best!