If you prefer organizing your day in a classic way, i.e. without a first look and just meeting for the first time as newlyweds at your ceremony, go ahead and read this page! A quick disclaimer: what follows is just some recommendations based on our experience, not a manual! Trust your gut and do whatever you feel right: you can get ready together or separately, you can skip any part of this timeline or change it to make it your own. You can do any kind of less traditional things, such as walking down the aisle together as a couple, if that’s what you want! You don’t have to throw your bouquet, have a first dance, kiss at the aisle unless you want to. Make the day utterly and completely yours.ly yours.

Now, let's talk about this timeline.

If you’re feeling a little bit lost when planning your wedding, don’t worry: it’s completely normal. You may feel like there’s so many things to plan, decide and think about, and it can get a bit overwhelming! This is why we want to lend you a hand by showing you an example of what a smooth, well timed wedding day can look like. Of course, every wedding is unique, but there definitely tends to be a pattern, and it’s very useful to know it in advance!

We strongly encourage you to have a timeline, so the day will run smoothly and you’ll be sure of having time for all of the important moments you want to fit into it. Of course there are several ways to build a wedding timeline, these are our suggestions based on our experience built up over the years at many, many weddings.

The Classic Wedding Timeline (w/o the first look)

We need to start saying that we're big fans of first look (we can explain why here); but if you're planning to skip it, it's totally ok for us, of course! Remember, we can photograph your day in any order. Also, this timeline is focusing on photography: so, it can vary depending on how many hours of service you choose to have with us. This works mainly for a 10 hour service, starting at 1.30 PM and finishing at 11.30 PM: of course, if you prefer having us there with you for fewer hours, you can decide to have your coverage start later on int the day, or to stop it before dinner. Alternatively, you can always add more hours to your service, even on a short notice. You're in charge!

Remember, this is just an example. If you want to, make your own timeline and share it with us!